Saturday, March 28, 2009


April is Poetry Month and I've discovered some wonderful places to visit online to celebrate reading and writing poetry.

Poem in Your Pocket

The second national Poem In Your Pocket Day is Thursday, April 30, 2009!

Choose a poem you love during National Poetry Month, copy it down, and carry it in your pocket to share with family and friends on April 30, 2009. Teachers, visit Read Write Think lesson plans.

30 Poets/ 30 Days
Gottabook Blog is publishing thirty new poems from thirty poets during the month of April. Check back each day during the month of April to read a new poem. Some of my favorite poets will be participating: Douglas Florian, Jack Prelutsky, Pat Mora , Janet Wong and Jane Yolen.

Or celebrate poetry by writing some of your own. Visit the Kids' Kits Online Magnetic Poetry site and write your own poems on the virtual refrigerator! Play with words online!